Color Management for Creators

Color Management for Creators – ICC Profiles 为创作者提供的色彩管理- ICC配置文件

What are ICC Profiles? 什么是ICC Profiles?

ICC profiles are files that describe color characteristics on a per-device basis, in a format established by the International Color Consortium (ICC), an international standards organization. ICC profiles include both color profiles and monitor profiles. Color profiles define color characteristics for devices and image data. Monitor profiles are data files that communicate what colors the monitor displays to the system. By using these ICC files, it is possible to correctly display colors through a standardized color space, regardless of an individual devices’ color characteristics. ICC配置文件是以国际颜色协会(ICC)(一个国际标准组织)建立的格式描述每个设备的颜色特性的文件。ICC配置文件包括颜色配置文件和监视器配置文件。颜色配置文件定义设备和图像数据的颜色特性。显示器配置文件是将显示器显示的颜色传达给系统的数据文件。通过使用这些ICC文件,可以通过标准化的颜色空间正确显示颜色,而不管各个设备的颜色特性如何。

ICC Profile Versions ICC配置文件版本

There are two versions of ICC profiles.

  • Version 2: offers high compatibility and has been around for longer
  • Version 4: a backward-compatible revised version with clearer definitions, which enable greater display precision

Versions Used by Common Color Profiles 常见颜色配置文件使用的版本

Color Profile 颜色配置文件

Adobe RGB (1998) 02 The Dog(1998)

sRGB IEC 61966-2.1

Display P3 显示P3

ICC Profile Version ICC配置文件版本

2 (2.1.0)

2 (2.1.0)

4 (4.0.0)

As you can see from the table above, sRGB and Adobe RGB use v2, while Display P3 uses v4 — each color profile relies on a specific version. Web creators should keep in mind that ICC profile version compatibility may vary by web browser. For instance, if a web browser that only supports v2 tries to display image data that has an embedded v4 color profile, the colors may not display as the creator intended.
从上表中可以看出,sRGB和Adobe RGB使用v2,而Display P3使用v4 -每个颜色配置文件都依赖于特定的版本。Web创建者应记住,ICC配置文件版本兼容性可能因Web浏览器而异。例如,如果仅支持v2的web浏览器尝试显示具有嵌入式v4颜色配置文件的图像数据,则颜色可能不会按照创建者的意图显示。

The table below shows ICC profile version compatibility by web browser. Web creators should consider that colors may be displayed in both v2 and v4 environments; we recommend embedding the sRGB profile into image data, because sRGB is built on the v2 ICC profile, which all web browsers support.
下表显示了Web浏览器的ICC配置文件版本兼容性。Web创建者应该考虑到颜色可以在v2和v4环境中显示;我们建议将sRGB配置文件嵌入到图像数据中,因为sRGB是基于所有Web浏览器都支持的v2 ICC配置文件构建的。

ICC Profile Version Compatibility by Web Browser ICC配置文件版本兼容性(按Web浏览器)

Browser Name 浏览器名称



Internet Explorer


Browser Version 浏览器版本




13.0.2 (15608.


Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10

macOS mojave (10.14) macOS莫哈韦(10.14)

Compatible ICC Profile Version 兼容的ICC配置文件版本





  • Results of verifications performed for the latest web browsers as of October 2019. Actual compatibility may vary due to web browser updates.

You can use the following page on the official ICC website to check your web browser’s ICC profile version compatibility.

  • If the image displays with the proper colors, the browser supports v4.
  • If the image displays with the wrong colors, the browser is either incompatible with v4 or incompatible with both v2 and v4.

How to Check the Color Profile in Photoshop 如何检查Photoshop中的颜色配置文件

Checking an Embedded Color Profile 检查嵌入的颜色配置文件

Open the image data in Photoshop, click the arrow on the bottom left of the screen and select Document Profile. The color profile will display to the left of the arrow.


Changing an Embedded Profile 更改嵌入的配置文件

From the top menu, go to Edit then Convert to Profile…. Next, select the profile you want to use from the Profile drop-down menu.



Checking the ICC Profile Version 检查ICC配置文件版本

ICC profiles are stored on a computer’s operating system. To check the specific version on your computer, follow the instructions below.

For Windows 10 为Windows 10

Go to SettingsSystemDisplayAdvanced Display SettingsDisplay Adapter PropertiesColor Management tabColor Management…→ and select the All Profiles tab. Then click the ICC profile you want to check, and the version will be displayed at the bottom.

For macOS Catalina 10.15.1 适用于macOS卡塔利纳10.15.1

Go to System PreferencesDisplays → and select the Color tab. Then click the ICC profile you want to check and click the Open Profile button.

Summary 总结

  • There are two different ICC profile versions (v2 and v4), and version compatibility varies by web browser.
  • The sRGB color profile uses ICC profile v2, which will display correctly in any browsers that supports either v2 or v4.
  • Before publishing images on the web, we recommend embedding the sRGB color profile, due to its versatility.